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Since 2011, OAC has successfully completed over twenty-five (25) projects for the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) under our Southeast Regional Multiple Award Construction Contract (RMACC).  We have supported USCG projects at multiple sites in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Our team has renovated office, maintenance hangars, barracks and general-purpose operations facilities.  OAC has also supported multiple projects with emphasis on civil work to support utilities and infrastructure.

Title: Design Build Renovation of Air Craft Hangars
Location: Miami Station, Miami, FL
Value: $1,633,130.00
Awarded: 2016

Title: Design Build Renovation of Air Craft Hangars

Location: Miami Station, Miami, FL

Value: $1,633,130.00

Awarded: 2016

Title: Design Build New Kitchen Galley
Location: USCG Ft Pierce, FL
Value: $555,138.00
Awarded: 2016

Title: Design Build New Kitchen Galley

Location: USCG Ft Pierce, FL

Value: $555,138.00

Awarded: 2016

Title: Renovation of Barracks
Location: USCG Miami Beach, FL
Value: $1,708,663.00
Awarded: 2016

Title: Renovation of Barracks

Location: USCG Miami Beach, FL

Value: $1,708,663.00

Awarded: 2016

Title: Installation of New Tower
Location: Mullet Key, FL
Value: $375,398.00
Awarded: 2016

Title: Installation of New Tower

Location: Mullet Key, FL

Value: $375,398.00

Awarded: 2016